Fixed Price Support Options

We understand that many employers regardless of their size find budgeting for employment law advice extremely difficult, especially when their lawyers are charging them by the hour.

For this reason, Careys Law offers employers fixed price support options which provide certainty and clarity on costs for employers from the outset.

We offer 3 fixed price options for employers and we would be delighted to talk to you further and explain how these packages can assist your business to save legal costs and facilitate accurate budgeting.

SUPPORT* option – The aim of SUPPORT is to provide comprehensive telephone support on a 24/7 basis, 365 days of the year for clients for all their employment law queries for a fixed monthly cost. Quotations for this service are available on request and will be provided after an assessment has been undertaken on your anticipated business needs with other factors taken into account including the number of employees in your business, your size/turnover and the quality of internal procedures in place.

PROTECT option – The aim of PROTECT is to protect your business against any employment law issues in the future. The approach here being that prevention is better than cure (and usually better value not just from a monetary perspective but also from a reputational risk and employee morale perspective too).

PROTECT is delivered in two stages so you can prioritise those areas that are most important for your business and to ensure any budgetary constraints are catered for.

The first stage of PROTECT is the assessment stage. We will carry out a comprehensive audit of your company’s contracts, policies and procedures in order to identify any areas requiring improvement/ needing updating and to provide you with a detailed report of that audit with recommendations regarding the priority of work to be undertaken.

The second stage of PROTECT is the implementation stage. We will implement the improvements needed/updating required in accordance with your chosen priorities and business needs and budget. You retain complete control to decide what is most important to your business and PROTECT will be aligned to your business priorities and objectives.

RESOLVE option – The aim of RESOLVE is to help your business find a resolution to an internal complaint e.g. grievance or disciplinary matter or an external complaint e.g. employment tribunal or court proceedings.

* Contracts will be reviewed on an annual basis and the fixed cost will reflect the usage and frequency of access of the service.