Welcome to our e-mail bulletins page or e-bulletins for short.

At Careys Law, we believe our clients need to be kept informed of any significant changes in employment law on a regular basis and so we are committed to sending out useful e-bulletins on a monthly basis.

However, we understand that time is precious and so we shall do our utmost to ensure our e-bulletins are concise, relevant and easy to digest. We shall endeavour to avoid legalese where possible.

We recognise that many business people just delete the updates they receive from law firms because they are long-winded and full of irrelevant legalese that no-one really wants to know or cares about (without even a hint of an insight into the time involved in having to wade through the stuff).

We don’t do that. We summarise the facts and the relevant knowledge succinctly so you can get on with your business.

Please note, all e-bulletins are sent to clients on the basis that they are general summarised statements of the law rather than being specific detailed advice and therefore they should not be relied upon in any individual situation without first obtaining our specific advice.