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Being an employee can be tough! It is usually even tougher when you’re an employee in need of legal advice.


We fully understand how much of an impact problems at work (whatever the source) can have on your life especially if you have given so much time to your employer, to find that your hard work is no longer valued or required.


New directors or managers can entirely change the culture of an organisation overnight, sometimes deliberately to “shake things up”. Changes in work location, contractual hours, work patterns, workload or work colleagues can create difficulties for your family life or have an adverse impact on your health.

Who cares? We care.
It is important for you to seek expert advice at the first sign of any difficulties. You can often inadvertently harm your position if you try to battle on alone without making sure that each step you take is taken with a resolution in mind and does not harm your prospects of getting there.


Sometimes employers will provoke employees into acting impulsively as a strategy of engineering a situation that in reality doesn’t really exist but which can be used as a pretext upon which to take action, for example, disciplinary action to manage an employee out of their role.


We are employment law experts and we can ensure any step taken is tactically beneficial and strategically sound to your individual situation so your actions and intentions are fully aligned and have been fully assessed in an impartial and independent way.

If you seek our advice, then the most important task for us to do first is to listen to you. We need to obtain all of the relevant information from you regarding your situation before we can advise you on your options and how best to implement whichever option you decide is the right one for you.


We understand that it can be very daunting to make a stand against an employer and you can be reassured that our expertise will be on hand to support you every step of the way towards a successful resolution.

So often, it isn’t the change that actually holds a person back but their perceived fear of change because they do not know which way to turn and do not want to make a mistake that harms their prospects.


Careys Law will provide you with the expertise giving you the confidence to move forward knowing that you are doing so with a clear, realistic outcome in mind.

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