Protection from domestic abuse

Who cares that you are suffering and need protection from domestic abuse and violence?

Corrinne has a wealth of experience in gaining legal protection for her clients suffering domestic abuse and violence. There are various forms of abuse including: financial, emotional, controlling and sexual.


Where domestic abuse/violence (or threat of) has occurred between spouses, partners (ex-partners/spouses) or even family members, we are able to advise and assist in making applications to Court for emergency orders to enable protection from the abusive/violent person.


Urgent applications can usually be made and heard very quickly so you are protected as soon as possible.


We are also able to assist with the control of the occupation of the family home.


We can assist you with contacting local organisations who may be able to assist you at this difficult time by offering welcome support, both emotional and practical.


If you have been served with an application, then we can give you advice in respect of any future hearing.

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