Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements

Has your employer handed a settlement agreement to you and told you to go and get advice?


Are you unsure what to do next?


You need expert advice from us.


How can you help me?


We can provide you with the answers in a clear and direct way so you are best placed to make an informed decision on how best to proceed.


We will go through the settlement agreement with you and summarise the meaning of each clause so you know what you are signing but in an efficient way so it isn’t tedious and time-consuming. We will also advise you whether you should be entering into the settlement agreement at all and if not, the alternative options open to you.


If you are unhappy regarding any aspect of the settlement agreement, then we can help you to negotiate improvements with your employer.


We have a proven track record


We have acted for many departing employees over many years across a diverse spectrum of business sectors and we have a considerable track record of dealing with settlement agreements in all different forms and contexts.


It is a legal requirement to obtain independent legal advice before signing a settlement agreement and you should make sure you go to the experts here at Careys Law as some clauses can be rather prohibitive and affect your freedom to seek new employment.


Best advice = best outcome


At Careys Law, we care about making sure our clients receive the best advice and possible outcome.

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